Mountain Bike Coaching

Red Cross First Aid / CPR Ceritifed

BICP Certified Instructor

Licensed & Insured

"Don't be a passenger" means make the bike do what you want rather than letting it take you down the trail. It is as much a mentality as it is a skill. Ride faster, smoother, further or with more style! We can help you ride the way you want to through coaching and practice to bring more fun into your riding. Learn to be one with the bike, to connect to your bike and the trail at the same time. Do you want to jump higher? Ride more challenging trails? How about double blacks? Lets go, then!


Bud Ward

Rider, Racer, Coach, Parent... Bud has a true passion for teaching and motivating everyone around him to do their best and to do it in the best way possible. With over 10 years of youth coaching experience in baseball, soccer and football, Bud has a developed style and technique for connecting with new students and making them feel comfortable and empowered to improve. 
His greatest skill is that he always remembers that the reason we are here is to have fun.

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Mountain Bike Summer Camps!!!

Starting in June... SUMMER CAMPS!!! Camps will be instructional and active! Kids will learn all the skills to ride with confidence and be safer & faster on the bike. Meets @ Northgate High School in Walnut Creek

Level 1- Beginners- 8 sessions $400

M/W 8am-10am

Level-2 Intermediate/Advanced

8 Sessions $500
M/W 10:30am-1:30pm

T/Th 9am-12pm

4 days a week for $800

Join a second camp in July or August for 25% off


Private Lessons

Break it down, make it simple.

You want detailed information, immediate feedback, and lots of progress in a short time. This is the way forward. We work on the fundamentals and advanced skills like jumping and rock gardens. Whatever you want to learn, we will teach you. We can do private lessons for 1 person or groups. Of course, you'll get more attention as an individual, but its fun to learn with friends also. 

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Mountain Biking in the Fog

Youth Mountain Bike Camps

Our kids need exercise. They need to have fun and be outdoors! We offer two levels on youth camps year round. Beginner and Advanced.  Camps last 90 minutes and meet twice a week. 
$250 Monthly 
Camp levels are based on rider abilities rather than ages. We can also accommodate once a week and a la carte campers.

Private Lessons

If you want more, like to get stronger, faster, safer and more shreddy... lets go ride in a small group or one-on-one and work on the opportunities.
2 hour lesson-$150
Multiple riders pay $100 each

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Ladies Ride

Find your footing and learn the ropes of local trails and MTB in general among other ladies and one coach. The ride is guided and supported for tech issues and some skills tips. 
$40 / rider (90 mins)
Meets: Lime Ridge parking lot in Concord on Montecito Drive @ noon every Tuesday.

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